This year, The Great Pocomoke Fair will have traditional Fair Games that everyone of all ages can enjoy!

For kids, we have the following games:

- Sack Race
- Steal the Bacon

- T-Shirt Relay
- Mosquito Swat
- Water Balloon Volleyball

- Tunnel Gopher
- Wet Sponge Relay
- Balloon Bust
- Mom's Calling Contest (This one is where the Moms are blindfolded and have to find their Children by the sound of them yelling "Mom!")
- Egg Toss
- Greased Pig Contest

All participants will receive prizes and teams will get ribbons for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. The Kid's games will end with the now famous Great Pocomoke Fair Egg Toss, with the winners receiving a prize of $50.00.

There are four age divisions: Six and Under, 7-8 Years Old, 9-10 Years Old and 11-13 Years Old. Each age division winner will receive a $50.00 prize for putting the Greased Pig down the quickest!

When visiting the Fair, please sign up at the Entrance Booth for all Contest!

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